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File photo of tornado damage. (credit: Julie Denesha/Getty Images)

Spring 2015 Regional Tornado Outlook

“The potential is there,” says National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Jim Kramper. A Joplin-sized tornado “could easily occur right across the Metro-area. If those conditions come together here, it could happen.”


(Photo by NOAA Photo Library/Getty Images)

St. Louis Seeing Less Tornadoes So Far This Year

For the St. Louis forecast area in 2014, there have been four tornadoes on the Missouri side and 11 in Illinois, for a total of 15 in the area.


Person shoveling snow

What Kind of Winter Is St. Louis In For?

An expert dispels the idea that the cooler-than-usual summer will mean a colder-than-usual winter is on the way.


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EF-1 Tornado Touched Down Monday Night in Jefferson County

The National Weather Service has confirmed an EF-1 tornado touched down last night near House Springs in Jefferson County, Missouri.


A St. Louis firefighter checks vehicles for occupants in St. Louis on April 2. 2014. Heavy, all-day rains have flooded many area roads in low areas near the Mississippi River. Three cars were stranded in this area north of the city but no injuries were reported. Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Climate Change Report: More Flooding, Hotter Summers, Damaging Storms to Come

The latest assessment of climate change suggests “extreme rainfall events” and flooding have increased over the past century, and that’s expected to continue.


Withered corn during a drought

Weekend Rain Not Enough to End Drought

“Unfortunately, you can’t just end a drought that quickly,” meteorologist Jim Kramper said. “Most locations need anywhere from like six to nine inches.”


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TIAM: Candy Crowley On Newt Gringrich, Mars Rovers & New Radar For The NWS

Newt Gingrich needs to win Georgia. What about the new Mars rover? The NWS in St. Louis has an improved radar system.


KMOX file photo/ Kevin Killeen

Predicting A Snowy Monday

NWS meteorologist says to expect 2-4 inch accumulation.


Total Information PM: Blizzard of ’82, Mark on Money, Mizzou Recruit Update

Jim Kramper with the National Weather Service brings us back 30 years to the blizzard of 1982. Mark on Money CNET’s Brian Cooley fills us in on Facebook’s pending IPO filing. Dave Matter with the […]



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, April 19th

Charlie talks about the air traffic controller watching the movie, “Cleaner”, while on duty; about the Mo. Gov.’s compromise on Prop. B.; about spring STL weather conditions; and about more killing on the streets of STL.


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