Jim Roos

Jim Roos and a friend celebrate his Supreme Court victory

U.S. Supreme Court Let’s St. Louis Protest Sign Stay Put

City Hall called it an eyesore and an ordinance violation, but the High Court thinks otherwise



TIAM: Frequent Flier Miles, Copper Theft, A Better Breakfast & Eminent Domain

Are your frequent flier miles worth anything? We get a scrap metal law update. Plus, we build a better breakfast with Dr. Joe. Jim Roos spoke with us about his eminent domain sign.


Jim Roos, all smiles after the appeals court ruling

Man With A Message Fights City Hall And Wins

Appeals Court rules city hall can’t stifle political message on wall.



Free Speech, or Eyesore? Appeals Court Hears Case of House Sign

8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ponders fate of eminent domain billboard.


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