Joe Edwards

Photo: Missouri Historical Society

Unofficial “Mayor” of the Loop Grateful for Feds Funding Threat

Joe Edwards says he is actually thankful the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) threatened to pull more than $22 million in funding for the Loop Trolley project.



Golfer Judy Rankin To Be Inducted on Walk of Fame Today

World Golf Hall of Famer Judy Rankin is coming home for a ceremony in the Delmar Loop.


This rendering shows a view of two new buildings from the intersection of Delmar and Eastgate. Images provided by William Rawn Associates.

Washington University’s Delmar Loop Development Begins

Joe Edwards owns Blueberry Hill, and says the new development is the best thing to happen to the neighborhood in years.


KMOX/Michael Calhoun

Plans for Delmar Loop Trolley Still Chugging Along

Edwards says the loss of a million dollar donation from the Missouri History Museum is frustrating but it won’t derail the project.


UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Total Information PM: John Rooney & Blueberry Hill’s 40th Anniversary

John Rooney previews tonight’s game against the New York Mets. Blueberry Hill celebrates its 40th anniversary.


Blueberry Hill

Charlie Brennan: 40 Years of Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill will soon celebrate their 40-year anniversary. Opened by Joe Edwards back in 1972, he joined the show.

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX–09/03/2012

St. Louis Walk of Fame ceremony

Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — The St. Louis Walk of Fame

Today, Kevin visits an induction ceremony for the St. Louis walk of fame, and is left wondering about the shelf life of fame…  


News conference held in Delmar Loop, April 1, 2012 (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Officials Stress Safety Of Delmar Loop

Police, business owners, mayors say Saturday’s night’s violence was not typical.



Charlie Brennan: Joe Edwards, GOP, Fr. Rowe, Mike Shannon & Rams in STL

Charlie talks with Joe Edwards about Chuck Berry being honored at the Kennedy Library in Boston on Sun., Feb. 26; with CBS Correspondent Steve Futterman about the Michigan primary results; with Fr. Bill Rowe of St. Mary’s in Mt. Carmel, IL, about rescinding his resignation; with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon; and with Bruce Sommer, former head of America’s Center and the Dome, about what it will take to keep the Rams in STL.



Charlie Brennan: Holiday Roundtable

On Christmas Eve Eve, or Festivus to some, Charlie talks with a plethora of guests about their plans for the holidays.