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The Protests In Ferguson

John Chasnoff has helped to organize the protests in Ferguson.


A St. Louis Police Department vehicle is pictured in front of the old police headquarters in downtown St. Louis on November 7, 2012. Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

ACLU Calls for More Checks and Balances of Local Control of St. Louis Police Dept.

St. Louis Police are now under the control of Mayor Francis Slay, and that has raised concerns of too much power in one person’s hands.


6/1/11-Sixty St. Louis police officers have volunteered to spend a week in tornado-ravaged Joplin, and they left in a caravan of vehicles late Wednesday morning. The officers will assist in the Joplin recovery effort in several capacities, including traffic control, perimeter checkpoints, and patrolling high-impact zones to watch for looters. They even packed shields and other riot gear, though they're not anticipating trouble. They just have it on a "better to have and not need" basis. Before leaving, officers were told very bluntly that they likely are not in for a pleasant experience. "We're told there are a lot of bad smells," a sergeant informed the assembled officers, "including rotting food, dead pets...possibly even body parts". (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Mark Reardon: Mike Claiborne, Last Presidential Debate, & Control Of The St. Louis Police Department

Mike Claiborne joins us live from San Francisco to preview Game 7. We also discuss the last presidential debate and Proposition A.



Hancock & Kelley – Monday, August 6th

John & Michael talk with Bobak Ferdowsi of the Mars Science Lab about this morning’s Mars Rover landing; with David Levinthal of about political ads; with Joe Ortwerth and John Chasnoff about Missouri’s Amendment 3 – the “right to pray” ballot measure.


Mo Capitol

Controversy Continues Over Voter ID Bill

The fight continues over whether voter fraud is a problem in Missouri.


John Chasnoff

World Series Ticket Scandal Court Case Goes into Extra-Innings

Four years after lawsuit was filed, determined plaintiff waits to see documents of who got the tickets.



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