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Total Information PM: Minority Report Is Here

Minority Report is here. Screens can now scan your face and hit you with targeted ads. Roger Dooley is a Forbes contributor.


Newly appointed cardinal  Timothy Michael Dolan archbishop of New York, receives congratulations  as his leaves the Saint Peter's Basilica on February 18, 2012 in Vatican City, Vatican. The 84 year old Pontiff installed 22 new cardinals during the ceremony, who will be responsible for choosing his successor.(Getty/Franco Origlia)

Dogtown Priest Discusses Odds Of Dolan Becoming Pope

“He’s never had, as far as I know, any desire to climb, to grow in importance in the church. He just really is interested in people,” John Johnson said.


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Hancock & Kelley – Friday, May 27th

John and Michael fill in for Charlie. The search and rescue continues in Joplin, plus ways to raise money for those in need. Assessments are out this week. Plus, how to cook that perfect burger for the holiday weekend.


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