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Charlie Brennan – PBS’ Ken Burns; Bestselling Author David Baldacci; St. Louis Univ.’s Dr. Stuart Slavin; and Entrepreneur Chris Motley

Charlie with PBS’ Ken Burns; with Bestselling Author David Baldacci; with St. Louis Univ.’s Dr. Stuart Slavin; and with STL Entrepreneur Chris Motley.



Total Information PM: Mark On Movies, Rally St. Louis, & Ken Burns

Paul Hall of Common Guy Films joins the show to review “Hitchcock” and “Killing Them Softly.”


Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, September 19th

Charlie talks with Award-Winning PBS Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns about his latest project, “Prohibition” — a look at America’s failed attempt to “kick the bottle”.


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Charlie Brennan: Ken Burns

Known for documentaries including “Civil War”, “Baseball”, and “Jazz”, Ken Burns has created a new film titled “Prohibition”.


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