Kyle McClellan

Matt Carpenter (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Matt Carpenter

When it comes to batting in the regular and post-season, Cardinals infielder Matt Carpenter has a comfort zone. What is it?

19 hours ago

Mike Matheny (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Mike Matheny

How did Cardinals manager Mike Matheny join the team?


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Inside Pitch: Jason Heyward

Cardinals right fielder Jason Heyward revels his defensive strategies on this week’s “Inside Pitch.”


Kyle McClellan

Join KMOX & Former Cardinals Pitcher Kyle McClellan at Cabela’s

Want to meet former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan?


Kyle McClellan and Mike Claiborne (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Kyle McClellan

Ever wondered how a major-leaguer throws a fastball, sinker, 2-seam or knuckleball?


Matt Holliday (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Matt Holliday The Football Player?

He’s one of the great Cardinals on the diamond, but he could have been playing on the gridiron.


Seth Maness (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Seth Maness

What is Cardinals reliever Seth Maness’ pitch of choice?


Former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Mike Shannon & Kyle McClellan

What very unique traits do Shannon and McClellan share?


Peter Bourjos (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Peter Bourjos

What’s the secret to successful base-running and stealing that elusive base?


Kevin Siegrist (Credit: KMOX)

Inside Pitch: Kevin Siegrist

When you’re a left handed pitcher, who would you rather throw to…lefties or righties?



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