La Shawn Ford

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Illinois Could Repeal AIDS Notification Requirement For Schools

The “universal precaution,” as defined by the Illinois Department of Public Health, is to simply assume everybody could carry a blood-borne illness.



Illinois Bill Aims To Protect Students’ Online Privacy

State Rep. La Shawn Ford, who last year passed a bill keeping employers from asking employees for their usernames and passwords, is now sponsoring a bill to do the same for students.



Illinois Rep. Introduces Bill To Change ‘Facebook Law’

The law allows employers to see public Facebook profiles only. If a supervisor asks for the information they are subjected to fines and penalties.


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Illinois Lawmaker Says Prayer In Schools Is The Answer

The lawmaker is State Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago), who came out of the blue with it when he was speaking with a group of ministers.


french fries

Lawmaker Wants to Bring Back Trans Fat Ban

The new version would excluding baked goods like doughnuts.


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Illinois Lawmakers, Health Advocates Aim To Ban Trans Fat

“It’s pretty much like pouring grease down your kitchen drain and it clogs. Trans fats literally are poisonous to the system.”


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