Ladue School District


Normandy Parents Sue Over School Transfer Changes

A group of Normandy school district parents has filed suit over recent changes to student attendance rules that limit the number of pupils who can transfer to better-performing schools in other districts.



Computer Coding Being Taught at Ladue, Parkway School Districts

The jobs are there — the people aren’t. Tech savvy jobs that require people to code are becoming increasingly popular, and according to Founder and CEO Michael Palmer those jobs are only going to become more popular.


Ladue School Dist.

Dr. Donna Jahnke Appointed Ladue School Superintendent

Dr. Jahnke will assume new role July 1, 2013.


Cars carrying students of the Ladue Middle School arrive as Ladue Police patrol the grounds of the school in Ladue, Missouri on January 17, 2013. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Ladue Police Seeking Information from Instagram

Ladue Police are hoping to get a key piece of information later today in who sent that Instagram message that put all schools in the district on high alert Thursday.


Students file into the Ladue Middle School as Ladue Police patrol the grounds in Ladue, Missouri on January 17, 2013. School officials received a threat on the popular social media Instagram, commenting "Talking to the Media won't stop me." The person also posted a photo of the Newton, Conn. shooter Adam Lanza and several students from the Ladue Middle School.  Parents of all Ladue school students were notified that their children would see increased security measures at all district schools. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Increased Law Enforcement at Ladue Schools After Instagram Threat

Parents of Ladue students were notified this morning that their children will see increased security measures after a threat was made on the popular social media site Instagram.


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