Lake Of The Ozarks

Workers patch the tower legs of the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge on July 23, 2013. Photo via MoDOT/IDOT

Mo. Ranks High in Number of Poor Bridges

Motorists should be aware that “we have a funding problem,” said Dennis Heckman, the state bridge engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation.



Ameren Missouri Sued Over Dock Electrocution

Mother of two children killed in 2012 at Lake of the Ozarks pursuing civil litigation.



Water Quality, Flooding Prompt Missouri Beach Closings

Flooding and concerns about water quality have prompted the closings of several public swimming beaches in Missouri.


Mo Capitol

Capitol Perspectives: The Results of Legislative Investigations

The recent resignation of the state’s Revenue Department director follows a pattern I’ve seen when Missouri’s General Assembly launches investigations into the administration.


Two Dead in SW Missouri Robbery-Homicide

One of the victims was wheelchair-bound.


Lake of the Ozarks

VIDEO: Onboard Camera Captures Boat Crash At Lake Of The Ozarks

A day on the lake turned into a scary crash for one group of boaters. The shocking video released from a camera on board revealed the moments leading up to and following the crash.


Lake of the Ozarks

Two Beaches Closed For Labor Day

The Grand Glaize beach and Watkins Mill beach will both be closed this weekend due to high bacteria levels.



Docks Under Scrutiny At Lake Of The Ozarks

Aging electrical wiring installed decades ago on docks at the Lake of the Ozarks is getting a closer look after a trio of deaths this summer.


Getty Images, credit Visage

6 Electricity-Related Deaths in Mo. Since 2010

Missouri utility regulators say there have been 30 electricity-related incidents in the state in the past two years.


Lake of the Ozarks

Faulty Wiring on Another Lake of the Ozarks Dock Kills Swimmer From Hazelwood

It’s the third electrocution death in a week.




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