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Landmarks Association of St. Louis

Sun Theater is reborn and hosting the Most Enhanced Awards!

Respect for the Rehabs: Spotlight on Progress

Nominate a project today for the Landmarks Association of St. Louis’ 2014 Most Enhanced Awards. Ceremony is May 22nd at the fabulous “new” Sun Theater in Grand Center.


Shenandoah Elementary (photo credit:

Mayor Slay, Preservationists Oppose Demolition of Shenandoah Elementary

Mayor Slay is urging the district to consider allowing a charter school access to the two buildings. In a letter to school board president Rick Sullivan, Slay called the buildings “civic assets.”



Landmarks Association to Honor Joe Edwards

The Landmarks Association of St. Louis honors Edwards at the “Meet the Chefs at the Magic Chef Mansion” event on Sept. 12th.



Appreciating Architecture and Renewal

Travel around the nation, and often, you can’t tell where you are. Every strip mall with their chain stores looks like same. From the interstate with its sound-barriers, you could be in Kansas or Colorado or Ohio. Fortunately in St. Louis, some are fighting hard to preserve our unique architecture.



Voices of St. Louis–Grand Center Arts Academy

The Grand Center Arts Academy makes great use of a building that had been abandoned for years. It adds new daytime vibrancy to the City’s arts district and has won a spot on the Landmarks Association’s 2012 “Most Enhanced List.” (Plus we talk about the Knights of Pythias!)