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Charlie Brennan – Monday, January 6th – Tips from Local Experts on Dealing with STL Snowstorm; Dr. Sharon Deem and Dr. Stephen Blake on Box Turtles Freezing; Market Analyst Larry Swedroe on Lessons Learned from 2013

Charlie and Debbie give you tips for weatherizing your home and your car, cold weather and plants, and pets and the . Market Analyst Larry Swedroe with lessons learned in 2013, and Dr. Sharon Deem and Dr. Stephen Blake, scientists at the St. Louis Zoo on box turtles in Forest Park, hibernation and freezing.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, November 19th – Mike Jones on Medicare Enrollment; Tom Parsons on Winter Vacation Deals; Market Analyst Larry Swedroe on Dow Jones Numbers; and Dr. Renato Cataldo on

Charlie talks with Mike Jones of UnitedHealthCare; with’s Tom Parsons; with Market Analyst Larry Swedroe; and with Dr. Renato Cataldo of


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Charlie Brennan – Monday, November 11th – Poem by U.S. Army Capt. Thomas Casey McCausland

A poem about battle, and life after battle, by U.S. Army Capt. Thomas Casey McCausland, who died at the age of 32; STL Allergist Dr. Ray Davis; Mike Veeck; Military Journalist Thomas E. Ricks; and Market Analyst Larry Swedroe.


Charlie Brennan's 25th Anniversary Broadcast

Charlie Brennan – Monday, October 7 – CBS News’ Bob Fuss – Bravo’s Andy Cohen – Money Monday With Larry Swedroe

Bob Fuss, Capitol Hill Correspondent for CBS News, joined Charlie to discuss the state of the government shutdown. Andy Cohen, Bravo’s Executive Vice President of development and talent and a St. Louis native, joined Charlie […]



Charlie Brennan – Monday, September 9th – Larry Swedroe on State of the Markets

Charlie talks with Market Analyst Larry Swedroe of Buckingham Asset Management about the state of the markets.



Charlie Brennan: Bob Costas & Mike Shannon

Costas will emcee the upcoming Legends of the Dugout lunch.

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX–08/14/2013


Charlie Brennan – Monday, July 1st — The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine; Money Monday with Larry Swedroe

Charlie talks with Dr. Paul Offit about alternative medicine; and with Investment Advisor Larry Swedroe.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, April 1st – Should investors put all their money in cash?

Charlie talks with Investment Advisor Larry Swedroe about former Reagan White House Budget Director David Stockton’s advice to investors to put their money in cash.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, March 4th — How did the sequester affect the stock market?

Charlie talks with Investment Advisor Larry Swedroe about how the sequester cuts affected the stock market.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, February 4th – Derek Sanderson, Dave Barry, Larry Swedroe

Charlie talks with retired Pro-Hockey Professional Derek Sanderson; with Pulitzer Prize-Winner Dave Barry; and with Buckingham Asset Mgmt.’s Larry Swedroe




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