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Dent County Commission Votes to ‘Mourn’ Same-Sex Marriage

A Missouri county commission has voted to lower the flags at the county courthouse and the judicial building to “mourn” the legalization of same-sex marriage.


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House Committee Hears Testimony on Bill that Would Legalize Medical Marijuana

“I’m going to say to you right now, I could care less about anybody who wants to get high,” Williams testified. “Your problem, not mine. I’m only concerned about people who need to have relief with medication.”



Could IL Legalize Recreational Marijuana with Rauner as Governor?

Dan Linn, Illinois director of the pro-pot group NORML, thinks it’s possible considering the money the state could rake in from legalization.


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Show-Me Cannabis Gearing Up for Nov. 2016 Election

Show-Me Cannabis will soon launch a major effort to collect at least 160,000 signatures statewide to place the legalization of pot on the November 2016 ballot.


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DEA Warns Parents of Pot Legalization Ripple Effect

The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning parents to beware of the new attitude toward majiuana this school year. DEA special agent in charge in St. Louis Jim Shroba says the legalization of the drug in Colorado has had a ripple effect on youth culture.


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Marijuana-Filled Cookies Discovered During Traffic Stop

Police found weed-tinged treats and about two pounds of marijuana in a car traveling from Colorado to Virginia.


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Judge Says Legalizing Pot Fuels Juvenile Crime

A St. Louis Juvenile Judge is concerned about the direction that legalizing pot will take the nation.


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Postal Office Seizing More Marijuana in the Mail

Nationwide arrests have increased 14 percent.



Missouri Legislative Leaders Support Limited Medical Marijuana

Some Missouri state legislators are talking about decriminalizing marijuana—at least medical marijuana, on a very limited basis.


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Overnight America Podcast: January 13th, 2014 – Kinky Friedman, Doreen Taylor

Kinky Friedman is a candidate running for the office of Agriculture Commissioner in the state of Texas. Kinky talks about the war on drugs and why he believe Marijuana should be legalized nationwide, in addition […]



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