Lewis Chartock

Goodwill Facebook Page: Courtesy of Facebook

Goodwill Thrift Store Finds Money In Donated Items

The Goodwill Store in Glen Carbon found thousands of dollars in donated clothing and are trying to figure out if it was a gift or has a rightful owner.


Photo of South County Goodwill store located at 10570 Baptist Church Rd. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Goodwill Believes They Found Rightful Owner of Accidental Donation

$5,000 was found by an employee at the Sunset Hills location on Waston Road when they were processing several donations.


Goodwill President and CEO Lewis Chartock, PH.D

Goodwill Makes Changes after Insider Stole Big Bucks

Goodwill President Lewis Chartock says new safeguards in place.


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