Lewis Reed

Peacock, NFL Stadium Still a Few Votes Short in Aldermanic CommitteeThe Stadium Taskforce needs five out of eight votes to pass through the Ways and Means Committee.
STLNFL Financing Package Assigned to Ways and Means CommitteeOf the two committees the stadium plan could have gone to, the Ways and Means Committee is considered tougher because it includes several aldermen who have said they won't back the stadium until the mayor comes up with a comprehensive crime-fighting plan.
Voters Will Be Asked to Approve $180 Million Bond IssueIn addition to money for police and fire equipment, it would include money for city streets and bridges, upkeep of city buildings, and the demolition of abandoned buildings around town.
Reed Proposes Bill to Approve $180 Mill. Bond IssueSt. Louis city voters may be asked this summer to raise their property taxes to pay for new equipment for the police and fire departments, along with other capital improvements citywide.
Proposed Gravois Road Closures on HoldThe proposed closure of several streets intersecting with Gravois in the city is now on hold.
MoDOT Engineer Calls Gravois Meeting 'Grandstanding'It began with people with questions and MoDOT's Deanna Venker with answers. But as the opinions came out, she retreated to the back of the room and said she'd speak with people individually.
Board of Aldermen President Reed Wins ReelectionFinal unofficial results counted
Mark Reardon: Reardon Roundtable & Academy Award Winning Filmmaker James MarshJames Marsh is the Academy Award winning filmmaker and the director of "The Theory of Everything."
Call is Out for More Police in the CityAldermanic President Lewis Reed has asked the city's budget director to find spendable money in the existing budget.
St. Louis, Ballwin Aldermen Debate Pros and Cons of Police Body CamerasLook for more debate at St. Louis City Hall this week on whether police should wear body cameras.
Back-and-Forth at City Hall on St. Louis Police Civilian Review BoardThere is a behind-the-scenes power struggle going on at St. Louis City Hall over how to set up a Civilian Review Board for city police.
Mark Reardon: St. Louis Aldermanic President Lewis Reed In StudioSt. Louis Aldermanic President Lewis Reed joins us in studio to discuss the protests, crime, and black on black homicide.
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