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Poll Shows Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Favorite Liquor Of Several States

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey was the top choice for liquor in 15 states, according to the app BARTENDr.


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Life Plus 900 Months for Robber Who Paralyzed Victim

Judge: “He had a dark heart and no conscience.”



The World’s Best Classic Cocktails In The Bars That Invented Them

There’s nothing better than kicking back on vacation with a classic local cocktail, and nothing worse than being interrupted by some blowhard waxing poetic about the drink’s storied “history”. Unless you’re the blowhard, and you’re sitting at the exact bar where the drink was invented.



Honesty Bars: The Bars Where You Pay Whatever You Want

If you’ve ever stayed at a boutique hotel abroad, odds are you’ve come across a “Seriously, where on earth did the bartender go — oh wait, there is no bartender?” honesty bar.


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No Liquor at St. Louis Starbucks, Yet

City liquor control office says café chain hasn’t applied for any licenses.


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Nixon Signs Bill Banning Use of Welfare Funds at Casinos, Strip Clubs

The newly signed law restricts the use of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families cash benefits at such businesses, as well as for items marketed solely for adults.


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Mo. Bill to Curb Welfare Fraud Sent to Gov. Nixon

Missouri welfare recipients would be barred from spending their cash benefits at casinos, liquor stores or strip clubs under legislation sent to Gov. Jay Nixon.


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Alcohol Legislation Stalls in Mo. Senate

Senators debated the measure Tuesday but did not reach a vote. Lawmakers have until 6 p.m. Friday to approve legislation before their mandatory adjournment.


KC Burglar Stole More than 100 Bottles of Liquor

Besides cognac, whiskey and vodka, the thief also grabbed cigarettes and lottery tickets.


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In Illinois, Mayors Oversee The Liquor

. The fact that mayors sit in judgment of alleged infractions by liquor license holders is a problem, says the Better Government Association.



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