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Abbott Laborities, Getty Images

Abbott Laboratories Agrees to Billion Dollar Settlement

Missouri will receive $1.9 million and Illinois will receive $20 million under the$1.6 billion dollar settlement.


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Belleville Police Department Fell Victim to Cramming

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says phone bill cramming is now a two billion dollar a year scheme.


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Illinois Crackdown on Phone Cramming

“Scam artists use consumers’ phone numbers like credit cards, racking up charges for things they never ordered and don’t want and profiting to the tune of $2 billion each year.”


Standard & Poor's

Illinois Attorney General Sues Standard & Poor’s

The lawsuit accuses Standard & Poor’s of misleading investors by assigning its highest ratings to risky mortgage-backed investments during the years leading up to the crash.


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Illinois’ Top 10 Consumer Complaints

Consumer debt checks in at number one, this year.


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Madigan Hails Settlement Over Countrywide Loans

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is welcoming a $335 million settlement with Bank of America to resolve allegations of discriminatory loans.



Thousands of Rape Kits Still Waiting to be Tested in Illinois

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says about 19 percent have been analyzed this year.


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

Ill. Attorney General Gets Death Threat

Chicago man threatened to kill Lisa Madigan over sex offender registry law.


Garold Semelka, Mike Telkamp

Investigators Arrested 26 In Yearlong Child Porn Bust

Officials are gearing up for the next phase of what they call “Operation Glass House.”


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Madigan Cracks Down on Debt Collectors

She says consumer debt collection is consistently among the top complaints her office receives each year.




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