Lisa Irwin

Baby Lisa’s Family Asks Group to Move Vigils

Lisa’s grandfather says the family appreciates the support, just not in the front yard.


Lisa Irwin

KC Lawyer For Parents of Baby Lisa Explains Why she Left Case

She said she differed with New York attorney Joe Tacopina on their goals and approach to the case.


Lisa Irwin

Investigators: Baby Lisa Hard to Find Because of Her Age

Last week six officers tracked down two woman and a baby at a deli. After a better look police realized the baby wasn’t baby Lisa.


Missing Baby

Cadaver Dog Picks up Scent at Home of Missing Baby

Investigators also found soil in the backyard that had been “recently disturbed or overturned.”


Lisa Irwin

KC Police Clear 700 Leads in Missing Baby Case

Police say they are pursuing more than 60 out-of-state leads.


Lisa Irwin

KC Police Use Bomb Detection Gear To Hunt For Missing Baby

Spokesman Capt. Steve Young stressed there is no explosive device at the home.



Mom of Missing KC Baby: “I Have Nothing To Hide”

Time discrepancies arrive as Lisa Irwin’s mom makes talk show rounds.



Hope Dwindling As Searches Turn Up No Sign Of Missing KC Baby

Lisa Irwin still missing despite hundreds of public tips.


Lisa Irwin

Detectives Return To Baby Lisa’s KC Home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) Several detectives have returned to the Kansas City home where a 10-month-old girl was last reported seen nearly a week ago. The detectives spent more than an hour inside the home […]



Frustration Grows As On-Going Search Turns Up No Sign Of Missing Girl

Searches by air, ground have turned up no sign of 10-month-old Lisa Irwin.


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