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East STL Budget Shortfall, Medical Marijuana Farm at Stalemate

Mayor Jackons-Hicks is reporting a $5.7 million shortfall and layoff are likely.


Dwight Kay

Metro East State Rep. Says He Has The Answer On Job Creation

“Business regulation in the state of Illinois is a burden, it’s a drain and it stifles those people who want to do more and do it better.”


1322 Dolman Street. St. Louis, Mo. 63103

Luxury Apartments Coming to Lafayette Square

The top three floors of the Bouras Mop Company building will be turned into luxury apartments.


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Feds Bust Former St. Louis HUD Director

Lavern Hester was indicted by a federal grand jury on one felony count of conspiracy to provide and accept an illegal gratuity and two counts of making false statements.


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