Loop Trolley.

Loop Trolley Adds Technological Expansion to PlanFiber optic cables placed under the Loop Trolley roads could be even more beneficial to the community than the trolley.
Court Date and Ground-Breaking Now Scheduled for Loop TrolleySupporters of the Loop Trolley announce plans for a ground-breaking, just as opponents announce they have a date in federal court they hope will stop the project.
Delay in Bidding Process Slows Down Loop Trolley ProgressJoe Edwards calls it pretty typical with projects of this magnitude.
Loop Trolley Informational Open House ThursdayYou are invited to an open house to learn more about the Loop Trolley
Delmar Loop Business Owners Laud Fiber Optic CablesThe district already offering unique restaurants, nightspots, stores and office space will also be able to offer the latest in high-speed internet technology.
Delmar Loop Business Owners Concerned with Access During Trolley ConstructionThe business owners expressed concern about customer access to their businesses while the construction is underway.
Loop Trolley Gets Final ApprovalThe $43 million Loop Trolley project has received the final go-ahead.
Lights, Camera, Fiber? Delmar Loop Gigabit Internet A-GoNow that the Loop trolley is inching closer toward laying tracks, plans are speeding up to simultaneously bury fiber optic cable, creating what's dubbed a "gigabit main street"
Clock is Ticking for Loop Trolley ProjectThe Loop Trolley project gets a permit renewal from the City Council, but only for another two months.
Trolley Tabled Over A TreeA proposed trolley route that could run through University City is coming under fire and it's all over a tree.
Despite Lawsuit and Deadlines, Loop Trolley Plan Remains on TrackGroundbreaking is planned for the spring with an opening scheduled for a year later, says Joe Edwards.
Lawsuit Questions Legality of Proposed Loop TrolleyOpponents of the proposed Loop Trolley file a lawsuit in federal court, claiming it was improperly voted on and would lay track beyond the boundaries originally set.
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