Magdalene St. Louis

Tricia Roland-Hamilton, Director of Magdalene St. Louis, a residency house for women trying to leave lives of prostitution, sex trafficking, and violence. (Submitted photo)

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things: Tricia Roland-Hamilton

Tricia Roland-Hamilton is the director of Magdalene St. Louis – a residency house for women trying to leave lives of prostitution, sex trafficking, violence, substance abuse and life on the streets.


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Making a Home for Rescued Prostitutes

A group wanting to rescue women from a life of prostitution says they’ve found a house. Now they need the money to make it a home.


A woman  lights a candle after receiving a sign of the cross in ashes on her forehead February 6, 2008 at Trinity Church in New York City. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

New York’s Trinity Church Finances Efforts to Rescue Women from St. Louis Sex Trades

An historic church in New York with major real estate assets, is investing in a St. Louis project, but it’s not about financial returns.



Home For Prostitutes Also Wants to School Johns

“They come away understanding this is not something the women enjoy. When they have to turn 20-25 tricks a night, that’s not enjoyable.”


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Corrections Expert: Penalties Won’t Keep Prostitutes Off the Street

Rick Seiter contends they’re victims, “prostitution and addiction and a life on the streets was not a choice for any of these women.”



Beyond Arrests, Getting Prostitutes Off the Streets For Good

“They’re arrested, there’s some sort of slap on the wrist because the judicial system is completely overloaded. And then they’re back out on the streets.”


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