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Mark on Movies: 'Black Mass' and 'Everest'KMOX's Mark Reardon reviews two new movies this week - "Black Mass" and "Everest."
Mark on Movies: 'The Visit'A sure sign of the apocalypse - this is the first M. Knight Shyamalan movie that I haven’t completely detested in 15 years.
Mark on Movies: Fall Movie Season Is Finally ApproachingAs we get closer to fall there are finally some films to really look forward to.
Mark On Movies: Summer Movie Season Ending With A Whimper“A Walk in the Woods” is not unlike a pleasant hike...
Mark on Movies: Top 10 Movies of 2014It's that time of year...time for year-end lists. Here's the Mark on Movies edition.
Total Information PM: "The Croods"Mark on Movies takes a look at The Croods, Olympus Has Fallen, and Admission
Mark on Movies: "Wrath of the Titans" "Mirror Mirror"
Mark on Movies: "This Means War," "Journey 2"
Mark on Movies: February 3rd
Mark on Movies - Awards PreviewPaul Hall of Common Guy Films joins Mark with an movie awards preview.
Total Information PM: Mark on Movies, Mark on Money, 2012 Economic Outlook
Mark on Movies: "New Year's Eve," "The Sitter"

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