Mark Reardon

Mark on Movies: 'The Visit'A sure sign of the apocalypse - this is the first M. Knight Shyamalan movie that I haven’t completely detested in 15 years.
Mark Reardon and the 'Man Bun'Watch as Mark Reardon and his personal trainer, Jay, take to the streets to hear what others think about the trendy hairstyle.
Slay: Prop S Money Helped Pay $400 Million Police, Fire PensionsSt. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was on the Mark Reardon show Tuesday to talk about where the money from a 2008 tax revenue went.
Mark On Movies: Summer Movie Season Ending With A Whimper“A Walk in the Woods” is not unlike a pleasant hike...
Former Police Chief: National Anti-Police Trend is GrowingFitch says 15 of the 59 officers who were killed in the line of duty last year were ambushed - triple the number from the year before.
He Said, She Said: Donald TrumpIs Trump just a flash in the pan, or is he in the race for the long haul?
He Said, She Said: Oath KeepersWere the Oath Keepers in Ferguson to help protect people and property or just to stir the pot?
He Said, She Said: Cincinnati ShootingIn this point-counterpoint video series, KMOX's Mark Reardon and Jane Dueker discuss some of the hot topics of the day.
Ferguson Mayor Responds to Protesters' 'Tone Deaf' CommentsFerguson Mayor James Knowles expects he would survive the recall election protesters are asking for.
WATCH: Jane Dueker's #MomDanceCheck out Jane Dueker's mom dance!
VIDEO: Mark & Carol's Baby Care Do's & Don'tsKMOX's Mark Reardon and his wife are having a baby soon.
Listen to Win Tickets to See Steely DanTune in to Mark February 17th through February 21st for your chance to take a pair of tickets off his hands.

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