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Mark Reardon: The Anniversary Of 9/11

Thirteen years ago today, the world changed at 8:46 am Eastern time. CBS News Transportation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker was in charge of security as President Bush traveled on Air Force One that day and was inside that Florida elementary school with the President when he learned of the terrorist attacks.



Hancock & Kelley – Tuesday, July 22nd – Lew Prince on Minimum Wage; Cong. Rodney Davis; Larry Eckert, Owner of World’s Largest Catsup Bottle

John and Michael talk with Lew Prince about minimum wage; with U.S. Cong. Rodney Davis; with CBS News’ Mark Rosenker on the Malaysian jetliner black boxes; with Larry Eckert, owner of the world’s largest catsup bottle; and with American Red Cross CEO Cindy Erickson.



Total Information PM: Malaysian Leader Says Flight 370 Ended In Indian Ocean

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said today the path of the missing Malaysian flight ended in the Indian Ocean. CBS News Transortation Saftey Analyst Mark Rosenker joins us.


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Mark Reardon: Mark Rosenker, Blanche Lincoln, Chuck Williams, Tony Tatar and Jeff Moore

Mark Rosenker joins the show and updates us on the mystery behind the missing Malaysian airliner. Former U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln discusses regulation reform. Is fracking the answer to America’s energy crisis? Karen Moreau is […]


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Total Information PM: Still No Answers For The Missing Malaysian Airliner

The mystery over the missing Malaysian airliner deepens. CBS News Transportation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker is a former director of the NTSB. He joins us.



Total Information PM: New Developments In The Missing Malaysian Airliner

There were new developments today in the mystery of the missing Malaysian airliner. CBS News Transportation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker is a former director of the NTSB — the National Transportation Safety Board.


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Total Information PM: Ryan McClure Of City Arch River

The groundbreaking of the St. Louis Riverfront is officially underway. Ryan McClure is with City Arch River.


Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois (Credit: KMOX)

Mark Reardon: Illinois Congressman John Shimkus

Illinois Congressman John Shimkus is back home after grilling Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleem Sebelius yesterday on Capitol Hill.


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Total Information PM: Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney

Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney discusses the return of Mike Shannon and previews tonight’s game against the Nationals.


Asiana Plane Crash, Twitter/David Eun

TIPM: An Update On The Plane Crash In San Francisco

President of Transportation Safety Group, Mark Rosenker gives an update on the plane crash in San Fransisco from Seoul St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame President Greg Marecek talks about the three managers that will […]



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