Mark Rosenker

Security Camera

Mark Reardon: Flight Delays & Security Cameras

Do we need more cameras watching us or a more civil society?



Total Information PM: Bob Dylan At The Peabody Opera House

The legendary Bob Dylan will perform at the Peabody Opera House next month. Darren Hall is director of booking for Peabody and the Scottrade Center.


Total Information PM: Sleeping Pill Study, New Safety Device In Cars, Spring Training Update

Dr. James Walsh with St. Luke’s Sleep and Medicine Research Center tells us about a new study that shows sleeping pills linking to early death. A new safety device may be coming to every new […]



The Mark Reardon Show: The 1 Percent, Cell Phone Ban, What Is “Rich”, Missouri Senator New Position, University of Missouri President

The CATO Insitute’s Alan Reynolds on tax rates, inequality, and the 1 percent. The National Transportation Safety Board recommended a ban on all driver cell phone usage, except in emergencies. Former NTSB head Mark Rosenker, […]



Total Information PM – Monday, April 4th

Actress Tippi Hedren and TCM’s Ben Mankiewicz preview tonight’s free screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” at the HiPointe Theatre, and we hear from CBS News Transportation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker and WLS host Roe Conn about the Charlie Sheen tour show in Chicago.



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