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TIAM: Don’t Like The Fees? Quit Your Bank. “Give A Damn?” Rosie’s Back Live

Jennifer Waters of MarketWatch explained to us how to move accounts from your current bank to a more consumer-friendly bank.  Two of the sites she mentioned that can help you make the right choice are […]


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TIAM: The Debt Ceiling & You, Harry Potter Review & John Rooney

Your retirement plans and the debt ceiling. Mark Reardon reviews the new Harry Potter movie and John Rooney talks Cardinal baseball with Tom Ackerman.


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TIAM: Lousy Job Numbers, The Debt Ceiling & John Rooney

Jill Schlesinger & Doug talked about the lousy job numbers. Paul Brandus brought us up to speed with the debt ceiling negotiations. Will we repeat the financial crisis of 2008? John Rooney is working the All Star Game so we spoke with him while he was in his palatial hotel in Phoenix.


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Total Information AM – Wednesday, June 1st

We looked at the housing market prices with Stever Kercher of MarketWatch. Dr. John Urkevich of the Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis talked with us about unaccredited school districts and their students. And, Dr. Rob Dickerman talked with us about the World Health Organizations of cell phone use and cancer.



Total Information AM – Thursday, February 17th

We talked to Chris Botti who will perform with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Saturday tonight, and we heard from MoneyWatch Consumer Confidential Columnist Jennifer Waters and Dr. Joe Primrose.


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