Mayor Slay

Police on the scene of a shooting next to Gravois Park in south St. Louis on July 26, 2012 (KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

Can Anybody Stop The Shooting?

The mayor, the police, social workers and church pastors call for an end to the rising wave of shootings in the city.


Alderman Steve Conway

Aldermen Pass Firefighter Pension Cuts — Despite Fears of Lawsuit

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–A plan to slash soaring pension costs for firefighters gains final passage in the Board of Aldermen — despite threats of a lawsuit from firefighters vowing to stop it. “The faster we pass this, […]


Mayor Slay's brother, Leo Slay

Mayor Slay’s Brother Arrested for Heroin Possession

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Mayor Slay’s brother Leo was arrested Sunday afternoon on a heroin charge at the River City Casino in Lemay. The Missouri Highway patrol arrested Leo Slay — who is in his 40s — after reports […]


St. Louis Fire Department

Firefighters Sue to Stop Mayor Slay’s Pension Reform Plan

They warned they would do it, and now they have.



Mayor Slay Tempts Police Board with Funds Tied to Possible Cuts to Firefighters’ Pensions

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Taking his fight for pension reform to a new venue, Mayor Slay pushed a resolution through the police board calling for the saving of 30 officers’ positions slated for cutting — if and only if […]


Alderman Craig Schmid wants his bill to have advantage

Alderman Schmid Refuses to Let Rival Pension Cut Plan Out of His Committee

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–The sponsor of a pension reform plan that St. Louis firefighters say they won’t sue over is preparing to make an end run around a rival alderman who is holding up the plan in committee. […]


Former Metro CEO Larry Salci

Former Metro CEO says Dooley Adminstration Meddled with Contracts

Larry Salci says it’s up to lawyers to decide whether it was “criminal”


Aldermanic President Lewis Reed

Looming Police Cuts Spark Debate at City Finance Board

Can city be safe with fewer officers?


Newly-posted signs warn riverfront homeless to move

Signs Posted Warning Riverfront Homeless of Eviction Deadline

After a fatal stabbing, assaults and several 9-1-1 calls, the city is cracking down


Mayor Francis Slay

Mayor Slay Willing to Back-Off on Firefighter’s Pension Issue

Missouri House committee passed legislation that approves cuts to the pension funds