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Mehlville School District Adds Two Days to Next Calendar Year

Classes start in the Mehlville School District on Aug. 14, and the school board president hopes this is the last year students will spend only 174 days in class.


Doc. Norman Ridder
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Interim Superintendent Named for Mehlville District

Doctor Norman Ridder will replace Doc. Eric Knost


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Mehlville Committee Considers Performance-Based Pay For Teachers

At a meeting Tuesday night, Mehlville Board of Education President Mark Stoner says he thinks the models could work well to incentivize teachers.


Beer vendor Patrick Ferris in action during Game 3 of 2013 World Series at Busch Stadium (KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

World Series Beer Man Making A Difference

Patrick Ferris says he’ll donate the tips he collected during Game 3 at Busch Stadium to family who lost a home and child to fire.


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Boy, 7, Killed in Mehlville Fire Overnight

Three people were inside the home at the time of the fire. The boy was rushed from the home in a stretcher and later pronounced dead at a hospital.



North County Parents Table School Transfers Suit

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri said Thursday that the five families mulling a suit against the Mehlville district have received suitable school assignments.



Riverview School Board Chooses Bus Company for Transfers

District Chief Financial Officer Ennis Moss says transportation will cost about $601,000 per year. He says it was a decision the district had to make quickly.


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Classes Begin at Struggling Riverview Gardens District

More than 2,600 students decided to transfer from the unaccredited Riverview Gardens and Normandy districts to better-performing districts.



Riverview Parents Halt Lawsuit Threat Against Mehlville

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has also said it plans to sue both Mehlville and Kirkwood for turning down some students.


Photo: Mehlville School District

Mehlville School Board Has Until 3PM To Address Legal Threats

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri says three parents are ready to file a lawsuit if changes aren’t made regarding transfer students.




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