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Meth-Making Supplies Found at Boeing Plant

One person is in custody after meth-making supplies were discovered in an office building on Boeing’s campus Wednesday morning.


Southern Illinois Family’s Syrup Making Mistaken for Meth Lab

Drug agents showed up at her home near Anna on Wednesday morning saying they fielded a report that a meth-making operation was on the Union County property.


John Piper is charged with Aggravated Participation in Methamphetamine Manufacturing and Unlawful Disposal of Methamphetamine Manufacturing Waste.

Meth Maker Arrested After Cottage Hills House Fire

John Piper told deputies outside that he was in his bedroom when he heard a loud pop, then he noticed his home was on fire.



Mo. Bill Seeks Stricter Limit On Cold Medicine

Missouri has passed increasingly stringent laws over the past decade in an effort to control medications that contain pseudoephedrine.


Brian Smith, Heather Beckley-Lewis

UPDATE: Imperial Man Killed Girlfriend with Hammer

Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer says Brian Smith, 32, is charged with second degree murder in the killing of Heather Beckley-Lewis.


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27 Charged with Meth Crimes in St. Louis Area

Authorities say most of the suspects confessed to their roles in the crimes.



New Anti-Meth Pseudoephedrine Hits Stores

Several pharmacies in the St. Louis area are now selling the first-ever pseudoephedrine-based decongestant that apparently cannot be used to make methamphetamine.


Missouri Mom Charged with Smoking Meth with 13-year-old

The Springfield News-Leader reports the Springfield woman told police she might have smoked meth with her daughter five or six times.


Mexican Drug Cartels Fill the Meth Lab Void in Franklin County

They’re making meth in “superlabs” and using already established marijuana and cocaine pipelines to ship it into the region.


File photo of pills

St. Louis First to Receive Tamperproof Decongestant

Come November, local pharmacies will begin offering a new decongestant — manufactured in Maryland Heights — that cannot be converted into meth.




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