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Students Need Doctor’s Approval After a Concussion

Illinois elementary, middle and high school students that suffer concussions, now need a doctor’s permission before returning to school.


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Students Learn Dangers Of ‘Sexting’

The overall hope is to get kids to think twice before images are sent out over texting or through other platforms like apps and emails.


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Marijuana Dispensary to Set Up Shop Across from Cahokia Middle School

Superintendent Art Ryan says he realizes illegal pot is prevalent in society already – he’s even sure some students do it, so he doesn’t think the prescription pot shop nearby will change much.


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Missouri Middle School Student Pulls Out a Gun

Principal heard about the gun and safely took it from the student.


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New Technology Making Its Way Into The Classroom

In the past, teachers gave lessons using chalkboards, filmstrips and overhead projectors — methods that had limited interactivity. Teachers now have multiple ways of presenting content. Students can now demonstrate their learning in ways other than pencil-and-paper tests.


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Proposed Parish Middle School Project

It was a celebration in the Shaw neighborhood of Saint Louis as hundreds turned out Sunday to learn more about the plan to build a new middle school on the Saint Margaret of Scotland parish school campus.


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Another Lockdown for Southwestern Illinois Schools

Teachers at Southwestern School District in Piasa, Illinois are once again teaching in caution after a threat was found at a middle school.


26-year old Shawn McNeal is charged with felony counts of statutory sodomy and sexual contact with a student on school grounds.

Normandy Bus Driver Accused of Inappropriate Contact with Student

Normandy Police say the school bus driver had developed a relationship with 13-year old girl he drove home.


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Back To School Prep: For Elementary, Middle & High School Students

The first day of school feels to children the way the first day on a job feels to parents, a bit stressful. The two best ways to prepare your children for a less stressful first day is to change as many unknown factors to known and provide positive support.



Teens Playing New Deadly Game

A teacher at one of Parkway’s middle schools recently overheard some students talking about playing what’s called the “Choking Game.”



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