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Mo. Democrats Push For Minimum Wage Raise

Democratic efforts to raise the state minimum wage meet with opposition.


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Illinois Gov. Quinn Calls For Minimum Wage Increase

In his “State of the State” speech, Chicago Democrat pushed for at least $10 per hour.


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New Year Means Missouri Wage Hike, Business Tax Cut

Wages will rise for Missouri’s low-income workers and taxes will fall for some corporations as a result of laws taking effect with the new year.


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Quinn Wants Higher Minimum Wage by Christmas 2014

Gov. Pat Quinn says he wants to raise Illinois’ minimum wage to at least $10 by Christmas of next year.



Missouri Raising Its Minimum Wage to $7.50 an Hour

Missouri’s minimum wage will rise by 15 cents an hour in January. The Missouri labor dept. has set next year’s minimum wage at $7.50 an hour.


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Mo. Minimum Hourly Wage Increasing to $7.50 in 2014

The state labor department calculates the minimum wage each year based on cost of living expenses as outlined in the Consumer Price Index.



Quinn Keeps Pushing To Raise Illinois Minimum Wage

The Democrat, who campaigned on the idea in 2010 told congregants Sunday that raising the minimum wage from $8.25 to $10 is a way to provide fair wages.



Hancock & Kelley – Tuesday, July 30th – Business Owners Comment on Fast Food Workers Strike; Mark Lopata of Micro Grid Solar; Ill. State Rep. Jay Hoffman on Ill. budget problems

John and Michael talk with “Anne” and “Steve”, husband-wife team and STL small businessowners, about the fast food strike; with Mark Lopata of Micro Grid Solar; and with Ill. State Rep. Jay Hoffman about Illinois budget problems.



Hancock & Kelley – Monday, July 29th – Raising Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers; Primer on Pres. Calvin Coolidge; Pope Francis’s Trip to S. America; Speed Traps in Ellisville MO

John and MIchael talk about today’s fast food workers strike; about the last U.S. President who slashed both taxes and the federal budget; about Pope Francis’s comments on gays in the church and gay priests; and about a local man who was ticketed for flashing his lights, warning other motorists of an upcoming speed trap.



Hancock & Kelley – Friday, February 15th – Will the Carnival Cruise disaster keep you from cruising?

John & Michael talk about the Carnival Cruise at-sea disaster; debate the minimum wage proposal of President Obama; and face-off on the issue of gay marriage and photo I.D.’s for Missouri.





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