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Hancock & Kelley – Tuesday, July 30th – Business Owners Comment on Fast Food Workers Strike; Mark Lopata of Micro Grid Solar; Ill. State Rep. Jay Hoffman on Ill. budget problems

John and Michael talk with “Anne” and “Steve”, husband-wife team and STL small businessowners, about the fast food strike; with Mark Lopata of Micro Grid Solar; and with Ill. State Rep. Jay Hoffman about Illinois budget problems.



Hancock & Kelley – Monday, July 29th – Raising Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers; Primer on Pres. Calvin Coolidge; Pope Francis’s Trip to S. America; Speed Traps in Ellisville MO

John and MIchael talk about today’s fast food workers strike; about the last U.S. President who slashed both taxes and the federal budget; about Pope Francis’s comments on gays in the church and gay priests; and about a local man who was ticketed for flashing his lights, warning other motorists of an upcoming speed trap.



Hancock & Kelley – Friday, February 15th – Will the Carnival Cruise disaster keep you from cruising?

John & Michael talk about the Carnival Cruise at-sea disaster; debate the minimum wage proposal of President Obama; and face-off on the issue of gay marriage and photo I.D.’s for Missouri.


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Quinn Calls for Ethic Reform, Assault Weapons Ban in State of State Address

Quinn made only scattered references to the state’s most pressing problem a stifling public-employee pension deficit.



2013 Brings Minimum Wage Increase in Missouri

Those receiving minimum wage in Missouri got a dime raise at the start of the year, bringing Missouri’s minimum wage to $7.35 an hour.


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Minimum Wage Gap Grows Wider Between States

Many workers around the country won’t be as lucky as the ones in Washington state, which is raising its salary minimum even though it already has the highest state baseline in the country. Workers one state over — in Idaho — will make nearly $2 per hour less in 2013.



Labor Group Pushes for Illinois Minimum Wage Increase

Another push to raise Illinois’ minimum wage is planned for the Veto Session after Thanksgiving.


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Missouri Minimum Wage Rising in 2013

Missouri’s minimum wage will rise by a dime to $7.35 an hour in 2013.


Groups Drop Bids To Get Initiatives On Missouri Ballot

The groups, Missourians for Responsible Lending and Give Missourians a Raise, announced Monday morning there wasn’t enough time to meet the Sept. 21 deadline.


Mitt and Ann Romney (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Opinion: Romney’s Middle Class Economic Plan: Work More, Make Less

Mitt Romney’s economic plan basically says if you make $22.50 an hour with benefits, you make too much money; and if you make $22.5 million, then you pay too much in taxes.




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