Missouri Constitution

Jefferson City, MO

Missouri Close on Congressional Redistricting

The Supreme Court could rule on the new maps as early as next week


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Supreme Court Strikes Down Ethics Law

“Today’s ruling leaves a significant hole in Missouri’s ethics laws, and the General Assembly must move quickly to get a strong ethics bill on my desk,” Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, said in a written statement.


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Mo Senate Debates Separation of Church and State

“Do we care more about providing a high-quality education to students, or do we care more about continuing the bureaucracy of an institution?


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Redistricting and Politics go to Missouri Supreme Court

The newly drawn map essentially eliminated the district currently held by US Democratic Rep. Russ Carnahan.


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Analysis: New Missouri Senate Boundaries Split Counties

“Ninety-five percent of my district is new,” Sen. David Pearce. The carving up of counties comes despite a command from the Missouri Constitution.


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Missouri Ethics Law Under the Microscope

The Missouri Supreme Court is deciding whether to chop down a far-reaching 2010 state ethics law or prune back only a portion of it.


Limit on Malpractice Damages Contested

The state’s high court heard arguments on whether the legislature’s cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits violates the Missouri Constitution.


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Comma Placement Makes the Difference

Republican Auditor Tom Schweich dissected the sentence differently, diminishing the effect of the comma and arguing that Governor Nixon has “misconstrued and misused” his gubernatorial powers.


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State Auditor Calls Nixon Budget Maneuver Unconstitutional

“It’s really unprecedented, in my experience, that there would be absolutely no data to support the $170 million dollars,” Schweich said.



ACLU Challenges Missouri Public Prayer Measure

The lawsuit contends the ballot summary is misleading because it fails to mention the potential for students to refuse homework or that prisoners could lose some religious protections.




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