Missouri Democrats

Roy Temple

Roy Temple to Lead Missouri Democrats

Lee’s Summit man formerly served as chief of staff for Gov. Mel Carnahan & Sen. Jean Carnahan


Getty Images

Several Missouri Lawmakers Fall In Party Primaries

More than a half-dozen Missouri lawmakers nearly all Democrats do not appear to be headed back to their offices at the state Capitol.


Jefferson City 4, Gettyy Images, Dennis McDonald

Wedge Issues Dominate 2012 Mo. Leg Session

Wedge issues are deliberately divisive measures to identify for voters a clear difference between the two political parties.


Jefferson City 1, Getty Images, Richard Stockton

Ethics Legislation Still an Issue for MO Lawmakers

Missouri House Democrats are calling for new ethics legislation.


Mike Sanders (photo courtesy: Jackson County, Mo. website)

Missouri Dems Look West For New Party Chair

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders picked to lead in 2012.



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