Missouri Department of Corrections

File photo of a gas chamber. (credit: MIKE FIALA/AFP/Getty Images)

State Sen. Schaefer Requests Return of Gas Chamber

Missouri will move ahead with two planned executions despite efforts in Europe to block the common anesthetic propofol from being used in the procedure, Gov. Jay Nixon said Monday.


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Missouri Prisons Near Capacity; Director Welcomes More Inmates

Missouri’s current prison population is 31,400 inmates, just about 100 inmates less than operating capacity. Corrections Director George Lombardi says they are ready to handle what courts send them.


Corrections Director Killed

Former Missouri Corrections Official Killed In Colorado

Tom Clements served for more than three decades in the Missouri Department of Corrections.


Prison, Getty Images, Chris Ryan

Children are Following Their Parents to Prison

“Well, you know, the children of incarcerated parents are 7 times more likely to go to prison than other kids.”


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Locked Up and Getting Unemployment Benfits

The revelation came less than a month after it started a new process which runs the names of unemployment benefit recipients against a list of state inmates.


Prison Farms

Missouri Prisons Help Feed the Hungry

Prisoners have raised more than 50-tons of vegetables and fruits for the needy.



Mo. Lawmakers Want Cheaper, Safer Prison System

Currently the Missouri Department of Corrections houses more than 30,000 inmates.



Budget Cuts Force Jail Time for Missouri’s Mentally Ill

“The traditional safety net of mental health care has not been well-funded in the last decade”



Missouri’s Prisons Are Graying

Geriatric wing created in Jefferson City as more inmates top age 50


ACLU questions Missouri's supply of execution drug

ST. LOUIS (AP) — As preparations continue for Missouri’s first execution in nearly two years, a civil rights group is raising concerns about the state’s supply of a drug crucial to the execution process.



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