Missouri Lt. Governor

Bill Haas, Democratic candidate for Missouri Lt. Governor

Bill Haas Refuses to Give Up on Higher Office

Diehard candidate running for statewide office



More Entries in the Race for Missouri Lt. Governor

State Sen. Brad Lager and St. Louis businessman Chris McKee both pledged to focus on job creation as they campaign for Missouri’s No. 2 executive.


Mo Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (KMOX/file photo)

Kinder Campaign Claims Success at Big Fundraiser

Kinder claims the cash rolled in, despite backlash from exotic dancer scandal.


Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder

Kinder Camp Explains Recent Drop in Donations

What’s behind dramatic drought in Kinder contributions?


Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder

Campaign Donors Beware: No Refunds Required From Candidates With A Past

Peter Kinder donor reportedly wants $125,000 back, but law allows Kinder to keep the money.


Lt. Governor Peter Kinder with supporters at Ham Breakfast

Kinder Seeks to Move Past Exotic Dancer Flap at Governor’s Ham Breakfast

Kinder shakes hands and tries to shake off scandal.



Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Peter Kinder’s Silence

Is Kinder’s brief, written statement enough to end the exotic dancer issue?


KMOX/Kevin Killeen

Kinder Sneaks through Hot Kitchen to Avoid the Heat on Exotic Dancer

Kinder goes to great lengths to avoid reporters waiting for him at the front and side doors.


Mo Lt. Governor Peter Kinder and Tammy Chapman

MO Gov’s Race Gets Saucy — Republican Blames Incumbent Democrat for Exotic Dancer Story

Peter Kinder sidesteps questions, while issuing a blanket denial.


MO Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (KMOX/file photo)

UPDATE: Democrats say Kinder got a Kinder, Gentler Audit

Auditor’s office insists process was above politics.


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