Missouri Primary

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Moving Missouri’s Primary

House approves date change from August to June. Senate gets bill next.


Vote 1

Primary Voting is Underway

The top of the ballot features the U.S. Senate race.


Democrats 1

A Clay-Carnahan Primary Could Get Ugly

“It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be nasty, it’s going to be ugly, everything that people don’t like about politics, this race is going to embody that.”



Santorum in St. Charles Tonight

“For the first time in the state of Missouri we have a head to head match up with Mitt Romney.”


A vote on a local sales-tax increase will be determined by the single vote of a 23-year-old college student after a mistake by representatives.  (File. Getty Images.)

Missouri Primary Next Week

The Secretary of State’s office said the primary will cost Missouri taxpayers $7 million for what will be a non-binding vote on the Republican side.


US President Barack Obama speaks during

President On the Missouri Primary Ballot

Obama filed to run in the Missouri primary this week. Eight Republican candidates also have filed for Missouri’s primary so far.



Missouri Moves Forward With Election To Decide Little

Missouri taxpayers will pay several million dollars to hold a presidential primary next year, but the outcome is not going to make much difference in picking the president.


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