Missouri Republicans

John Hancock (Courtesy of teamjha.com)

John Hancock Elected Mo. GOP Chair

KMOX guest host was once executive director of Missouri Republican Party


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Kansas City Submits Bid for 2016 GOP Convention

The city has formally submitted a bid to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.


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Mo. GOP Gun Laws Going Against National Debate

Bills would allow more Missourians to carry weapons.


Rush Limbaugh, Getty Images, photo by J.D. Cuban

Rush Now on Display

Limbaugh’s bust was positioned Monday near the doors to the House chamber.


Jefferson City 4, Gettyy Images, Dennis McDonald

Wedge Issues Dominate 2012 Mo. Leg Session

Wedge issues are deliberately divisive measures to identify for voters a clear difference between the two political parties.


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Rush Bust is a Bust in the Mo. Capitol

Missing from the ceremony, however, was the bust of controversial conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.


Missouri State Capitol 3, Getty Images, Dennis MacDonald

Missouri Budget Plan Grows

The result is that general revenue spending actually rose, and the budget plan now has a $4 million shortfall.


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Mo. Republican Lawmakers “Want Born in the USA” Proof

“This conversation never came up until our President is named Barack Hussein Obama.”


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Mo. Republicans Blame Governor for Lack of Ethics Legislation

“I spoke with the governor the first day of legislative session and I haven’t heard from him since,” says Sen. President Pro-Tem Rob Mayer.


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Mo. Presidential Caucuses Changed

The state party opted to use a caucus process to determine presidential delegates because the state primary was held too early under national Republican rules.



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