Rooftop Garden Opens On Top of Downtown BuildingThere's a rooftop downtown which takes the notion of a backyard farm to a whole 'nother level -- three stories up.
TIAM Saturday June 20thKnow Your Zone, a swim around Manhattan for Ferguson and My Fair Lady
Metro Sewer District Expects Flooding Sewers, StreetsTropical Storm Bill is expected to produce rain in St. Louis thru Friday June 19.
Cortex & MSD Show Off Rainscaping ProjectGoal is to reduce stormwater in sewers, while turning concrete into a green space.
MSD Looks Ahead to Next Big Rain"No system could've handled Tuesday's rain," says Lance LaComb, spokesman for the Metropolitan Sewer District.
MSD Residential Customers Spared from Billing IssueMSD officials on Wednesday clarified that only the bills of multifamily and commercial customers will be affected. Some apartment owners and renters, and 3,700 businesses, could still face high charges.
Customers to Pay for MSD Billing ErrorA miscalculation that goes back nearly two years has many local sewer district customers doing double takes when they open their bills - and perhaps uttering some choice words.
Coming Up with the Cash to Pay for Sewer System UpgradesDo you want the MSD to borrow about a $1 billion, and your sewer rates rise to $61 dollars a month by 2020? Or do you want the district to pay cash as it goes, and your bill go up to $96 dollars a month by 2020?
Missouri Supreme Court Rules Against MSD in Stormwater ChargeMissouri Supreme Court said a stormwater charge imposed by the Metropolitan Sewer District goes against a state amendment.
Work Continues at Sewage Spill Near Creve Coeur ParkMetropolitan St. Louis Sewer District spokesman Lance LeComb wants walkers and bikers to stay out of the area until the main is repaired.
Raingarden In Old North St. Louis Will Take Pressure Off Storm DrainsMSD pursues rainscaping strategy to alleviate stormwater runoff concerns.
Waste Water Discharge in River des PeresA mix of flood water and raw sewage was released
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