Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace Tyler Dasher

St. Louis County Police Phones Jammed During “Nancy Grace”

St. Louis County Police dispatchers were overwhelmed with angry phone calls late Thursday night, thanks to cable television host Nancy Grace.


Bradley Cooper

Overnight America: Tom Jicha, JoAnne Fowler

It’s Friday morning which means it’s time for our weekly visits from television critic and TV Plus blogger Tom Jicha and People Magazine’s JoAnne Fowler.



Overnight America: Judge Jimmie Edwards

St. Louis Chief Juvenile Judge Jimmie Edwards is live in studio on this Monday morning to discuss issues related to juveniles and his Innovative Concept Academy.



Overnight America: Jeff Dunham, Mary Wilson & More

Comedian ventriloquist Jeff Dunham joins Jon to discuss his latest Comedy Central special and more. Also, Music legend Mary Wilson from The Supremes, TV critic Tom Jicha, and People Magazine’s Moira Bailey.


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