Missouri State Parks: Don't Use Eclipse Glasses Agency SoldThe agency on Friday warned people not to use PMS Promo Mart eclipse glasses sold at parks and historic sites in Missouri during Monday's solar eclipse.
NASA Is Hiring A Planetary Protection Officer To Protect Earth From AliensNASA is looking to hire a Planetary Protection Officer who would protect Earth from possible alien contamination.
How You Can Help NASA During The Solar EclipseAn educational NASA program, named GLOBE is asking viewers to participate in a nation-wide science experiment by collecting cloud and temperature data from their phones.
New NASA Probe Gets a Look at the SunNext summer NASA will launch a mission to the sun.
St. Louis Native Attends 'Humans to Mars' SummitA viable launch window only happens every 15 years - so that means no Mars landing before 2033.
Commercial Company Begins Cargo Flights to Space StationIf all goes as planned, a new era for NASA and commercial space station operations begins with a launch tomorrow morning at the Kennedy Space Center.
SpaceX Chief Envisions 1,000 Passenger Ships Flying to Mars``It would be basically, are you prepared to die? If that's OK, then you're a candidate for going,'' he told the audience.
NASA Astronauts Prepare at Lambert for Next Space MissionThe United States hasn't seen a manned launch since Atlantis blasted off on the final space shuttle mission in 2011.
Astronaut Documents Year in Space with Photo of St. LouisScott Kelly is in the International Space Station and on Sunday he shared his view of St. Louis.
Get Ready For A Close Encounter With The 'Halloween Asteroid'A cosmic close call could give people something to be scared about this Halloween.
Two From St. Louis Involved in NASA's New Horizons SpacecraftTwo St. Louis men are playing a big pole in the success of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft which is sending photos from Pluto.
KMOX Sports Announcer Witnesses Rocket ExplosionChris Kerber is in Florida covering Space-X launch for NASA Social

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