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Some Reporters, Staffers May Return After Post-Dispatch Cuts

Several young reporters and staffers at the St. Louis Post Dispatch, who were laid off last week, are now expected to get their jobs back.


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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Selling Building, Looking for New Location

Publisher Ray Farris says, “We are a 21st-century media company operating in a mid-20th-century building.”



Ste. Genevieve Co. Inmates Get Their Paper Back

The American Civil Liberties Union says Ste. Genevieve County and former inmate Stanley Schell have settled a lawsuit filed in January.


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Suspect Charged With Stealing Sheriff’s Newspaper

Sheriff’s deputies in Cedar Rapids didn’t have to go far to arrest a man charged with stealing the newspaper outside their office.


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Paper Reportedly Tells 2 Reporters They Had To Decide Who Was Getting Laid Off

The Kansas City Star reportedly told two reporters that they had to figure out which one of them was going to get laid off.



Post-Dispatch Cuts 23 Jobs

23 staffers from the newsroom, advertising and production have been laid off.


WASHINGTON, :  Harry Truman (1884-1972), the 33rd President of the USA, addresses media in 1945 in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

Harry S. Truman Pays Final Debt

Settles decades-old dispute over missed newsaper payments.


Missouri Campus Editor Resigns Amid April Fools’ Flap

As part of the joke edition, the school paper changed its title to a derogatory term for lesbians and included other sexually-oriented profanity.


Rico Paul

UPDATE: Charges filed in Newspaper Employee’s Murder

Police: Victim targeted because he witnessed break-in at neighbor’s home.


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