Normandy School District

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Tuition Payments Squeezing Normandy’s Budget

A spokes person for the district said for the partial month of August the total to be paid to other districts is $750,000.


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State Education Officials Weigh Options For Normandy

Missouri Commissioner of Education Chris Nicastro says there are pressing concerns in Normandy given the money being spent on tuition and transportation for the transfer students.



ACLU Says It’s Unconstitutional for Kirkwood, Mehlville to Limit Number of Transfer Students

The group sent letters to Kirkwood and Mehlville School superintendents Friday stating that if they don’t have space for all the students who have applied, then they need to make space.


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Few Options, Much Frustration For Normandy Parents

“I have a senior. He’s doomed if he goes wherever we have him going because he’s not going,” one mother said. “He doesn’t need those obstacles.”


More than 3,000 fearful parents aired their concerns Thursday night over the decision to allow students from unaccredited Normandy schools to transfer to the Francis Howell School District (KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

Bill Would Give Schools Power to Veto Student Transfers

State Rep. Mark Parkinson says if they really want the power to veto student transfers from Normandy, he will propose the legislation.


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Mehlville Superintendent Stunned By Amount of Student Transfer Applications

Dr. Knost says most local educators thought that the flow of transfer applications would have slowed by now, but instead it keeps growing.


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Normandy Parents Meet Tonight To Discuss Transfers

A week after parents in the Francis Howell District spoke out strongly against the plan for their schools to accept students from Normandy, Normandy parents will have a chance to speak out tonight.


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Town Hall Meeting for Riverview Gardens and Normandy Parents Tonight

Parents can get answers to any questions they may have about student transfers tonight at a town hall meeting.



Charlie Brennan – Friday, July 12th – Jerry Schlichter on 401(k) fees; Francis Howell public hearing; 3 Brits kayaking the Mississippi R.

Charlie talks with STL Att’y Jerry Schlichter about limiting 401(k) finder’s fees; Charlie and Debbie talk about the public hearing last night at Francis Howell; and they talk with 3 young Brits kayaking down the Mississippi R. to raise money for Help for Heroes.



State Rep. Opposes Normandy Busing Plan, Wants Special Session

Rep. Chrissy Sommer says it would be an added expense for the Francis Howell School District during a time of financial crisis and that the move would be disorienting to Normandy students.