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Normandy School District

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Lawmakers Seek to Complete Missouri School Bill

Missouri lawmakers are trying to resolve differences on legislation revising the state’s law on student transfers from failing school districts.


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Number of Lengthy Suspensions Down at Normandy

Two years ago, 10-day suspensions appeared to be the norm in the Normandy School District, but that’s not the case anymore.


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Missouri House Endorses Student Transfer Bill

A proposal to overhaul a Missouri school transfer law won state House approval Wednesday after lawmakers pared back provisions that could allow some students to attend a private school at local taxpayers’ expense.


Normandy School District honored its Rising Scholars on April 26, 2014, with a breakfast and pep rally (KMOX/Brad Choat)

Normandy Salutes Its Rising Scholars

More than 200 students are taking part in a program that could earn them scholarship money.


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Mo. Legislature Sets Aside $2M For Normandy Schools

District is financially-strapped, partly because of school transfer costs.


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Superintendent Optimistic for Normandy School District

This April, Normandy is expected to go broke, but Superintendent McNichols has hope that they may last until the last day of school.


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Students, Community Mobilize for Normandy

Normandy School District is wrapping up a week of rallies and celebrations, unifying the district that’s trying not to fall apart.


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Senate Reduces Aid to Normandy to $1.5M

The district contended they would have to have $5 million to make it through the academic year without becoming insolvent. The House approved the $5 million, but the Senate didn’t go along.


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Missouri House Approves Mid-Year Spending Bill to Fund Normandy

The bill Thursday includes money to keep Normandy School District afloat.


A Normandy resident holds a sign at a meeting at Normandy High School on November 11, 2013 (KMOX News/Allison Blood).

Normandy Closer to a Cash Transfusion from the State

Normandy is one step closer to getting the funds it needs to stave off bankruptcy.