North Broadway

Body Found

Pedestrian Killed in North St. Louis

Wtinesses say woman stepped backwards into traffic on North Broadway at Christian


police tape

1 Killed, 3 Hurt in North Side Crash

Police say an SUV was speeding on North Broadway in north St Louis and tried to turn east on Grand Ave. when the driver lost control and flipped in a gas station parking lot.


Two Injured in Early Morning Shootings

One victim says she talked for a few minutes with a man and then, for no apparent reason, he pulled out a gun, shot her, and drove off. She’s in serious condition.


Lt. Col Alfred Adkins tells roll call officers to prepare for possible trouble after seventeen people were shot last night

17 Injured in St. Louis Shootings Overnight

It began just before 9:30 p.m. when a volley of gunshots rang out in the 4700 block of Highland in north St. Louis. When the shooting stopped there, four juveniles and an adult had been hit.



UPDATE: Hostess to Close St. Louis Bakery

Hostess Inc. announced today its permanently closing three bakeries in St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Seattle as a result of a nationwide strike that began Friday.



UPDATE: Detention Center Escapees Caught

Vernon Collins and David White were reported missing before seven Friday morning, after using a bedsheet rope to get out of the facility.


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