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North County Parents, Superintendents Discuss Unaccredited Schools

Superintendents from those districts spoke, as did the superintendents of neighboring districts, urging parents not to flee their failing schools but to stick it out and help make it better.


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Riverview Parents Raise Transfer Questions, Concerns

There was a chance for about 150 Riverview Gardens parents to have their transfer questions answered at a meeting Monday night.


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2 in Custody Following High Speed Chase from St. Charles to North Co.

Officials say the chase ended about 20 minutes later when the suspects’ car ran off the road at Pershall and New Halls Ferry Road.


North County Man Found Guilty In Murder, Body Burning

It took a jury three hours to convict 38-year-old Ernest Smith of second-degree murder and armed criminal action.


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Delivery Driver Robbed In North County

In this instance, the driver was delivering in the 10300 block of Lord Drive in North County about 10:30 last night.


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Trial Begins For Alleged North County Rapist

Police say that late on a June night, 24-year-old Dary McCoy posed as a repairman to get into an elderly woman’s north St. Louis County apartment.



North County Community Continues Groundwater Contamination Cleanup

The original spill that eventually contaminated groundwater beneath a North County neighborhood didn’t happen last month or even last year.



North County Man Sentenced To 12 Years For Shooting Over Marijuana

20-year-old Demestrius McCalister pleaded guilty in April to 3 felonies related to the incident.


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North County Teen Shoots Two Girls

The suspect tells police he was jumped by three people earlier last evening so he got a shotgun and shot the girls.



SLU Opens Center For Minority Cancer Prevention

The Center for Cancer Prevention will target particularly African-American residents in north St. Louis and north St. Louis County at first.





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