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Study Shows Doctors Need to Address Obesity in Children

A new St. Louis University study says doctors need to do a better job addressing weight issues in hospitalized children.


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New Drug for Obesity to Show Promising Results

A new way to fight obesity is an injectable drug that is showing promising results.


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New Study Shows American Adults Are Losing Obesity Battle

A new Washington University study finds American adults appear to be losing the battle of the bulge.



Missourians Rank 9th in Obesity

As far as the states go, Missouri continues to put on pounds. The Show-Me State is ranked the 9th heaviest state this year. Compare that to 14th in 2014 and 20th in 2013.


An Iowa middle-schooler was willing to put her foot down...just not on a scale in front of the class. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Iowa Student Refuses to be Weighed in Front of Class

An Iowa middle-school student was willing to put her foot down – just not on a scale in front of the class.


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New Mizzou Research Center Tackles Obesity

A new University of Missouri research center on obesity is bringing together experts in agriculture, medicine, food science, journalism, exercise and nutrition.


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Report: Missouri Ahead of Illinois in Reducing Child Obesity Numbers

Missouri is doing a better job than Illinois when it comes to tackling obesity in kids, according to a new report.


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City Releases Obesity Reduction Plan

Mayor Slay wants to lower the obesity rate by 5 percent in the city by 2018.


Researchers found that exposure to 30 minutes of morning light can improve your Body Mass Index. (Getty Images)

Study: Exposure To Morning Sunlight Can Help You Lose Weight

Researchers found that 20-30 minutes of morning light can improve your Body Mass Index.


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City Bolsters Efforts to Curb Childhood Obesity

The City of St. Louis has received $60,000 in grants from the Morehouse School of Medicine to



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