Severe Drought Threatens Midwest Corn Crops

Illinois Climatologist Expects US Drought Through 2013

The drought has withered crops and lowered the Mississippi River’s levels to a point that could force slowdowns, if not shutdowns, of barge traffic.


Bucket List Bandit

FBI Agent: Bucket List Bandit Caught in Oklahoma

He’s believed to be responsible for bank robberies in nine states.



Oklahoma Gunslinger Headed to Prison

Robert Cummings opened fire inside a southwest Missouri bar that refused to serve him more beer.


File photo of a recreated methamphetamine lab. (Photo by TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Meth Lab Explodes In Man’s Pants

A man with a portable methamphetamine lab in his pants ran from police after a routine traffic stop.


(Photo credit PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Super Tuesday Preview: Romney Hopes To Regain Front-Runner Status

Super Tuesday is seen as a major turning point in the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary race; Mitt Romney hopes to extend his delegate lead and finally cement his front-runner status with multiple wins across the country.


infant formula

Oklahoma Baby is 3rd Sickened by Rare Bacteria

The rare bacteria claimed the life of a Missouri baby this month.


United Airlines Computer Glitch Hampers Travel Nationwide

Costlier Holiday Travel Off And Running Across U.S.

“Sacrifice to see the ones you love, that’s what we do,” said John Mahoney, who was driving to visit his mother and sister in St. Louis.



Key Week Ahead For Illinois Health Insurance Website

Fundamental disagreements in President Obama’s home state over how to govern the Health Benefits Exchange required by the nation’s health care overhaul threaten efforts to get it up and running.


Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

St. Louis Flight Lands in Oklahoma After Man Dies

Flight 1274 left St. Louis around 3 p.m. Wednesday and was headed to Phoenix when the 71-year-old man fell ill.



Rustling Costs Midwest Ranchers Millions In Poor Economy

“Gosh, times are tough, and maybe people are truly starving and just need the meat,” one rancher said. “But it’s shocking. I can’t believe people can stoop that low.”




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