Recent Rash of Overdose Deaths

Five overdose deaths in the Metro East may be linked.


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Mother and Son Drug Dealers Sentenced in Heroin Deaths

Authorities say two women overdosed on heroin and died last year due to acts committed by Deborah Perkins and Douglas Oliver.


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Meet the Midwest’s New Heroin Users: Suburban Adults

“Regions that have never been affected by heroin overdose deaths are now seeing a large number of them because the user population is expanding dramatically,” says the DEA’s James Schroba.


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East St. Louis Man Admits Role in Deadly Heroin Overdose

Thirty-year-old Joseph Robinson pleaded guilty Wednesday to distributing the drug that authorities say killed 22-year-old Donnie Bauman.


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19-year-old Charged in Overdose Death

Investigators believe she gave the victim heroin two hours before he died.


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Police ID Suspected Heroin Overdose Victim

Kenneth Harris Jr.’s body was found Tuesday in a car parked in a bay of a car wash in Wood River.


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Police: Body in Car Likely Heroin Overdose Victim

Police in Wood River say the man’s body was found Tuesday in the car parked in a bay of a car wash.


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Coroner: Infant Found on Bed Near Body of Teenager

A coroner is hoping toxicology tests determine what killed a southwestern Illinois teenager whose body was found on a bed near an infant.


St. Charles Couple Charged in Heroin Overdose Death

Thomas Lucas Jr. and Whitney Patrick, both 23, were charged after a grand jury indictment.


Couple Charged After Infant Died of Oxycodone Overdose

An eastern Missouri man and woman are facing criminal charges after an infant under their care died of a drug overdose.