Stephanie Metz has received lots of attention since her blog criticizing 'overprotective parenting' went viral. (Getty Images)

South Dakota Mom’s Blog About Bullying Draws Praise, Ire

A South Dakota mother is the target of both praise and criticism after she blogged that kids being bullied should toughen up.


Parent Arrested At Miles Davis School For Throwing “Tantrum”

Man fought with officers who responded to the scene.



DANIEL: PC – Not Politically Correct – But Parent Confessions

A lawsuit was dismissed against an Illinois mother over what her ungrateful children (now grown) felt was ‘bad mothering.’ The 23-year-old son and and 20-year-old daughter won’t get the $50-thousand they were seeking over claims of ‘emotional distress’ but we all get a lesson in what does NOT constitute bad parenting.


credit: AP

Reflections on Fatherhood

They say father knows best, but one thing is for sure, it sometimes takes a long time for dads to learn the ropes. One dad shares his reflections on fatherhood and offers fatherly advice.