St. Louis developer Paul McKee. (KMOX/Kevin Killeen)

Developer McKee Owes St. Louis City for Unpaid Taxes

Developer Paul McKee hasn’t paid taxes to the city for two years on the 1,500 acres of land of the stalled NorthSide Regeneration project.


Springfield, Mo. Won’t Lower Marijuana Penalties

The council defeated a proposal to limit penalties for possession of the drug and declined to place an alternative proposal on the ballot.



Missouri Lawmakers Push To Decrease Penalties For Marijuana Possession

People caught with small amounts of marijuana in Columbia usually only face a small fine and now a trio of Democratic state lawmakers want to make that the case for the entire state.



Springfield Marijuana Penalties Reduced, Sort Of

The council approved the ordinance Monday. But council members said they plan to amend the bill before it takes effect in 30 days.


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